Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Mommy Makes Her Baby Food

I have a new hobby. I make baby food. At first, I was just buying the Gerber stuff, but that got a little expensive once Maddy started eating more solids. Also, it doesnt taste too good. I taste everything I give her. Why would I make her eat something that I dont think is good? Dont get me wrong, I mean, yeah I dont like peas, but I still feed them to her. Even though I dont like peas, I do know how they should taste, and let me tell you, Gerber peas taste like ass, not like peas. So I decided to start making her food myself. I thought it was going to be a huge project that I would give up on after the first time, but I really enjoy doing it. I feel so good about feeding her good food and knowing that all she is getting in the food I give her is what I put into it. No preservatives. The best thing of all, Maddy freaking LOVES it! It is all so so easy. My girls on have given me some really good tips and techniques. I took some pictures of the batch I made last night. This batch will last her weeks! If any of you are considering doing this for your little ones, I am happy to share everything I have learned so far.


Jennifer and Carlos said...

Yup... its super easy. I've been doing it for BC since he started on eating food. Glad you joined the group!

Jason & Nikki Jimenez said...

Yay good for you! I made all J's food too, and I am so glad I did. Like you said, it tases so much better and is so much better for them!